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As a registered, degree qualified clinical nutritionist, Bronwyn incorporates holistic food and lifestyle strategies, to help prevent disease and illness.

Her approach and client centred treatment plans are based on current scientific research and traditional food wisdom.

When treating a client, all aspects from dietary intake, social relationships, work-life routine, medical history, stress levels, movement to mindset and mental health are taken into consideration.

Read the clinical nutrition 101 blog to understand what a clinical nutritionist is and how Bronwyn can help.

Services include:

nutrition consults for individuals

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health and well-being - group talks and workshops

business services - employee nutrition consults, health and wellbeing program designs, presentations, workshops

business writing

public health campaigns – advice, design, communications, and management

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Health advice – please read

  • In Australia, you require a doctor for diagnosis. This means Bronwyn is not able to diagnose a medical condition or illness.
  • Further, the advice provided by Bronwyn in a nutrition consult, on social media, via the website, products (included printed material) or events is never intended to replace medical advice.
  • Before making any major dietary changes, please speak to your doctor to get medical clearance first.
  • You may be entitled to a partial refund for your nutrition consultation. Please speak to your insurance company for advice.