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Is losing weight and making healthier choices your New Year’s resolution?

Australians on average gain an extra 2-3kgs over the festive season. Please don’t despair if this sounds familiar. Here are five nutrition tips to help you manage weight loss without harming your health.

Think about who can help you stay on track, keep you motivated and support you

Tip – Check your mindset

Do you say negative things to yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you let others say negative things to you about your weight? If yes – why? I believe that your weight is not an indicator of your worth! So please be kinder to yourself as you make changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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Tip – Organise your support team

The evidence shows that people are more successful long term if they have a support network. The good news is you only need one person. So, think about who can help you stay on track, keep you motivated and support you if someone is trying to peer pressure you into old patterns. Give them a call and ask for their help.

Tip – Don’t replace breakfast with coffee or soft drink

Many people on the weight loss journey think they will lose weight if they skip breakfast and have a coffee or soft drink instead. But replacing breakfast with a coffee will over time damage the lining of your stomach and digestive system.

In many people, this leads to runny stools, stomach pain, stomach bloating, stomach ulcers, nervous energy, anxiety, and/or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Coffee without food first also triggers a release of cortisol (hello stress hormone) which increases your blood pressure and insulin in the blood. Too much insulin in your blood will over time lead to greater fat deposits on your liver and stomach area. Hello fatty liver disease!

Similarly, there are no benefits in swapping breakfast with a soft drink. Soft drinks are often full of refined (processed) sugar. Drinking refined sugar triggers a rise in your blood glucose and insulin levels. This puts you at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Even if you choose a ‘sugar free’ option, it’s still not great – you’re just consuming chemicals and no nutritional benefits.

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Tip – Intermittent fasting is not for everyone

Are you currently intermittent fasting? If yes, how are you doing it? I’ve found that many clients equate intermittent fasting with regularly skipping meals, especially breakfast.

Then because they are starving and their brain has sent distress signals to their body, they choose food and drinks that have little or no nutritional value. Intermittent fasting is not the right solution for everyone. Here’s why.

When not managed well, intermittent fasting can lead to hormone dysfunction which may trigger fat storage (especially on the tummy) instead of fat burning. It can also lead to muscle breakdown/loss, brain fog, malnutrition, malabsorption, heart failure and/or an eating disorder.

Tip – don’t weigh yourself daily

At a friend’s place I was shocked to see a set of scales directly in front of me, as I walked into the bathroom. Hello body shaming and food guilt 101!

As a nutritionist, I believe that weighing yourself daily can trigger stress, low self-esteem, anxiety, and/or disordered eating. So, unless you are an elite athlete (such as a boxer, gymnast, ballet star, jockey), I don’t recommend weighing yourself daily.

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